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Western romance books are considered ‘comfort reads’ so it makes sense that readers are going to choose historical            romances that seem familiar to them. Was It Fate Or Destiny? is set in Colorado in 1890.

2018 Reader’s Favorite Book Review

Reader’s Favorite Book Review, March 5, 2018 by Gisela Dixon. Was It Fate Or       Destiny? by Raymond Cook is a fiction Western novel set in the late 19th and early 20th century in Colorado. This book portrays the grand Western landscape of those times and the lives of the people who made a living off the land. Was It Fate Or       Destiny? starts with Emily Brown, a young widow with two small children, being    rescued from an accident by Sam Bates, a ranch hand. Emily had lost her husband, Jess, only a few years ago and is now running and managing a home on her own while raising her two children. The story is mostly about the development of Emily and Sam’s relationship and their experiences surviving the times and the harsh       climate of the Colorado winter and nature.

Was It Fate Or Destiny? is a typical Western novel with its plot and narrative.             Although I liked the portrayal of how Sam comes to occupy a role in Emily’s life to her two children and being a father figure to them. However, the writing is engaging and the plot keeps moving at a fast pace. I enjoyed reading about the encounter with a grizzly bear and the real threat that they can be for anyone living in the wilds in those regions. The Colorado scenery is spectacular and has been portrayed as such, although I felt it could have been highlighted even more. Still, this is a good read for fans of the historical romance or Western fiction genres.

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Was It Fate Or Destiny by Raymond Cook is a 257-page story about Emily Brown, a 24-year-old widow, and her two children, Tommy age seven, and Sarah six homesteading in the Crystal River Valley outside Marble, Colorado. Her husband Jess was a miner killed in a card room brawl at Kate’s Saloon in 1890. Look through her eyes at the challenges she faces trying to raise and protect her children alone      outside of town.

     With Jess buried behind her cabin, Emily doesn’t feel she can ever allow herself to fall in love with any other man. Travel back in time, and see her meet Sam Bates, a kind but shy ranch hand bunking at the Triple R Ranch. See the struggles each of them endures trying to share their feelings for each other and the love she had for Jess before they allow their love to grow.

      See through their eyes after they marry, the strength it takes to survive the harsh Colorado Rocky mountain winters where one day it can be blue sky, and the next, four feet of snow. Three years later, Sam discovers a jar of gold coins hidden in an old apple tree he chopped down. Their new-found wealth nearly gets Sam murdered by two men seeking work as ranch hands.

     Feel the terror in Emily’s heart as her family’s terrorized by a grizzly bear. When Sam buys both children a pony, he also buys Emily a horse for her birthday. After Sarah breaks her leg falling as she tried to put a baby owl back a barn rafter, Sam uses Sarah’s love for her new pony to help get to walk again. When Marble builds their first schoolhouse; Sam’s family rides to town as a family. Emily      wonders if it was fate or destiny that brought Sam into her life, the day they met on the dusty road as she lay crying beside her wagon.

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Kindle Customer on April 16, 2016 by Pat. This is a good     fiction western romance novel set in Colorado, among the mist of silver and marble mines in a small town of Marble, Colorado. This was a clean, comfortable, fast paced read, just sit back, relax and enjoy reading about some of our history that made this great nation and see how our country grew out west with day to day     living, by family after family. Thank you, Mr. Cook for a good book. A good clean romance about the hardships, accidents, and mishap. Also, a sweet love story.

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